In a shocking development, as many as 300 passengers who upon arrival at the Silchar airport on Wednesday skipped mandatory Covid testing procedure and fled from the testing centre.

As per the state government’s revised rules on account of the second wave of the pandemic, all incoming air passengers have to mandatorily undergo Covid testing on arrival.

The Cachar district administration started RAT and RT-PCR tests at the Silchar airport.

On Wednesday, seven flights landed at Silchar airport from different parts of the country, which brought in a total of 690 passengers. About 189 passengers went through Covid testings out of which six were found to be positive.

However, it has come to light that about 300 passengers have succeeded in hoodwinking the authorities and escaped the airport premises without going through the mandatory Covid testing procedure.

These 300 passengers were reportedly sent from the airport to Tikol to undergo the Covid testings process. However, they never reached the spot and went missing.

Meanwhile, the Cachar district administration has asserted that they are going to track down every single passenger who escaped the mandatory tests.

Additional District Magistrate Sumit Sattawan stated that stern action would be taken against the violators as the authorities have their details.