Arunachal Chief Minister Pema Khandu’s off-roading skills on a Mahindra Thar has taken the social media by surprise, including Anand Mahindra.

Last week, the chief minister had visited Vijaynagar, a remote outpost in East Arunachal yet to be connected with a motorable road. The 157 km journey lasted 2 days and the road he used to travel is yet to be made motorable and passes through a jungle.

Khandu Thar drive

Clips of the chief minister negotiating the tough road on a Mahindra Thar had gone viral on the social media, and the young CM was praised by all for this initiative. The video clip shows Khandu behind the wheels demonstrating his driving skills on a muddy stretch.

Today, Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra also took to Twitter to laud his achievement, and proposed that Khandu should be included in the ‘Thar Hall of Fame’.

While sharing Khandu’s clip, Mr Mahindra said that a ‘Hall of Fame’ must be created for those who know how to ‘explore the impossible’ with their Mahindra Thars. The video, which has been liked by over 4,000 people within hours of being shared, has also been retweeted by Khandu.

“I think we need to create a Hall of Fame of those owners who know how to ‘Explore the Impossible’ with their Thars. Thar Pehelwans. Tharwans? Give me a better name. And I nominate Mr. Khandu straightaway for inclusion in the Hall of Fame!,” tweeted Anand Mahindra.

It has to be mentioned that chief minister Khandu had also donated three Thars from his own convoy to the Vijaynagar police and civic administration.