Putting an end to controversies over the site for the proposed medical college in Mon district of Nagaland, a new site has been officially finalized after it was approved by Konyak legislators.

Deputy Commissioner of Mon district Thavaseelan K informing this said that the Chi Village Council had revoked the earlier NOC.

However, a second NOC was served again after the two parties failed to come to a logical conclusion in naming of the new Medical College in Mon district.

He further informed that a new site for the medical college has been identified and finalized by Minister in charge of Mon district Paiwang Konyak, which is around 5kms from Mon District Hospital.

The new site for the Medical College is said to be 50 acres bigger than the previous site, and cost Rs. 3 Lakh per acre. He also added that there is no opposition from any party for the new site.