The National People’s Party (NPP) has released its list of candidates for the upcoming Assam Assembly elections.

The Central Election Committee of the regional party has selected 5 candidates for the forthcoming elections.

Here's the list:
  1. Chabua – Bhaben Baruah
  2. Badarpur – Abhu Sahid Md. Zakir Hussain
  3. Jorhat – Arbin Kumar Baruah
  4. Baithalangso – Velcome Teron
  5. Naoboicha – Biri Joy

The elections in Assam will be held in three phases starting March 27. In the first phase, 47 constituencies of 12 districts will go to polls, while the second and third phase of the elections will take place on April 1 and 6.

The counting of votes is scheduled for May 2.