Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Tuesday held a meeting with all the Deputy Commissioners of the State and senior government officials to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) ranking of Meghalaya.

In a press briefing, the Chief Minister said, Sustainable Development Goals have been given to all States and Niti Aayog has been following up to ensure its implementation across the country.

Speaking on the measures to improve Meghalaya’s SDG ranking, the Chief Minister said, goals assigned State-wise can also be localized into district-wise goals.

The Chief Minister informed that the state government has decided to rank the districts and assign an untied fund of Rs. 50 Lakh to each district to enable them to implement programmes and interventions.

Sangma further said that this initiative will rather create positive competitiveness between the different districts and that with the involvement of the Deputy Commissioners and all the different departments the state will be able to improve the ranking of Meghalaya.