With the announcement of the polling dates, the Model of Conduct (MCC) has come into force in Assam. The Election Department has launched an anti-defacement drive for removing banners, hoardings and graffiti from public places in different parts of the state to enforce provisions of the MCC.

A total of 1 lakh 34 thousand banners were removed from different parts of Assam which include 50,927 boarding banners, 73,469 posters and 10,085 wall writings.

Earlier, on Friday (February 26) Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said that Assam assembly elections will be held in 3 phases.

The first phase of polling will be held on March 27 for 47 constituencies, the second phase polling on April 1 for 39 constituencies, and the third phase of polling on April 6 for 40 constituencies. The counting will be held on May 2.

The MCC is operational from the date that the election schedule is announced till the date that results are announced.