Congress legislator Mayralborn Syiem has urged the government of Assam to immediately bring to halt the construction work of the Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) transit camp at Khanapara in Meghalaya’s Ri-Bhoi District.

Requesting the Assam government to take note of the issue at the highest level, Syiem expressed hopes that after the general elections in Assam, the state government will take serious step on the issue.

“I urge the State government to immediately put a stop to the ongoing work of the ASTC transit camp at Khanapara in Ri-Bhoi District as work is still underway,” Mayralborn Syiem said.

The MLA has further asked the Assam government to stop the ongoing work at Khanapara.

“We urge the Assam government that prior to the elections, the ongoing work at Khanapara has to stop at any cost so that we won’t lose any land,” Syiem added.

Earlier last week, claiming that Assam authorities have gone ahead with the construction work even though the land, where the camp is being set up, belonged to Meghalaya, the KHADC had objected to the construction and asked the state government to take up the issue with Assam.

The KHADC said that the proposed transit camp of the ASTC at Khanapara falls inside Meghalaya territory.

Following this, Meghalaya Chief Secretary, MS Rao had informed that he has already taken up the matter with his Assam counterpart.