Safeguarding the cultural heritage of the region, the 12th Guru Tulku Rinpoche of the Thubchog Gatsel Ling Monastery in Bomdila, consecrated the 600-year-old iconic Chagzam Bridge under Mukto circle in Tawang district on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, the Rinpoche said, Chagzam, is the legacy to the people of the region, and people needs to value such cultural heritage that keeps the age old cultural identity alive.

Tongton Gyalpo, popularly known as Lama Chagzam Wangpo was a philosopher, poet, dramatist and an engineer was also believed to be a disciple of the first Dalai Lama. He built several iron bridges across Tibet, and eventually built the famous Chagzam iron suspension bridge.

The bridge was recently renovated by the villagers of Mogto, Gomkyaleng and Mirba. The villages also carried out a cleanliness drive at the bridge on Saturday and whitewashed both the entrance Dzongs as well as finish painting the roof.