Festive fervour has gripped Assam as the people across the state have geared up to celebrate Uruka tonight with gusto and enthusiasm. Uruka is the night of feast and merriment which is celebrated a day before Bhogali Bihu, the harvest festival of Assam.

Most of the markets, particularly fish markets in the state have witnessed huge footfall as people had rushed to the markets to grab the best deal since wee hours.

As part of tradition, fish is seen as the most sought after item for feasting on Uruka night among the Assamese households. People thronged fish markets in large numbers across the state vying to buy some of the favourite and largest fishes available in the market.

Uzan Bazar fish market

Meanwhile, a fish weighing 27 kilograms dominated the scene at the Uzanbazar fish market of Guwahati, which was sold at a price of Rs. 1,200 per kg.

“We have a ‘Silgharia’ fish weighing 27 kgs which will be sold at Rs. 1,200 per KG,” said a fish seller.

Markets in other places of the State also witnessed massive crowds.

On the other hand, community fishing events are being held in different parts of the state to mark the celebration of Uruka.

As part of the tradition, The Bhela ghar – a makeshift shelter made of straw, bamboo and leaves where Bihu-revellers spend the Uruka night merrymaking before setting it on flames next morning are made across the state.