After the Supreme Court decision to stay the three farm laws and set up a committee to resolve the ongoing standoff, the farmer leaders made it clear that they will not accept the decision of the court to form a committee.

Farmer leaders addressed a press conference today to clear their stand about the Supreme Court’s decision.

One of the farmer leaders, Dr Darshan Pal said, “Last night, we gave a press note in which we said that any SC-appointed committee is not going to be acceptable to us.”

Farmer leader Balbir Singh Rajoal said, ‘We think the government is bringing this committee through Supreme Court. We do not accept this committee as all the members in this committee have been pro-government, these members have been justifying the laws.”

“This committee is to divert the attention from the main issue. All the four members have been continuously supporting the farm laws through their articles,” he added.

He further said, “Even if the members of committee change, we still will not take part in discussions with committee.”

Farmer leader Ravinder Patiyala said, “January 26 is not the last day of agitation, we will intensify the protest and spread it across the country. Supreme Court did not make laws as it is a tussle between government and people and we want these laws repealed nothing short of that.”

“It is a good thing that implementation of laws has been put on hold and it is a welcome decision but this was our right and nothing less than the repeal of farm laws is expected,” he added.

He further said: “January 26 programme is going to be completely peaceful. Some people are spreading rumours that we are going to Red Fort or Parliament. How the march will be organised will be decided after January 15. We will never tolerate violence.”

One of the farmer leaders said that Lohri festival will be celebrated by burning copies of farm bills.

“We will burn the copy of three farm laws in the bonfire on the day of the Lohri. It will be done across the country and internationally too,” farmer leader Baldev Singh Sirsa of Samyukt Morcha said.

On January 13, the country will celebrate Lohri festival. Lohri is a famous winter festival of the farmers in Northern India, and it is also known as the harvest (agriculture) festival. Farmers hold bonfire in the evening and pray for good crops. (ANI)