On the first day of the year 2021, festive spirit gripped Guwahati as residents welcomed the New Year on Friday. Religious places across the city witnessed huge footfalls despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Devotees in large numbers thronged at the famous temples, mosques and other religious places in the city seeking blessings. Similarly, malls and roadside markets also witnessed a huge rush.

In view of New Year, as the entire city wore a festive mood, the city police has also beefed up its security. Police took stern steps against drunk driving and at many places men in uniform conducted drives by using breath analyzers.

Picnic spots in the vicinity of Guwahati also saw huge footfall as people got together with their families and near and dear ones, welcoming the New Year.

The Assam government had eariler issued guidelines restricting gatherings to 50 people in enclosed spaces as preventive measure. In case of outdoor events, the gathering has been restricted to ensure physical distancing being maintained at all times.