India granted 17,148 patents till November 30 this fiscal out of 37,660 applications filed, according to the data of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

Infrastructure upgradation, manpower augmentation, regulatory reforms and IT enablement have resulted in speedy disposal of intellectual property application, DPIIT said in a statement.

According to the data, 1,35,289 trademark registrations have been given during April-November 2020-21. A total of 2,78,023 applications were filed.

Similarly, 9,221 copyrights were granted out of 13,861 applications filed during the period.

“Electronic filing systems are in place for filing of applications for patents, trademarks, designs and geographical indications,” the department said.

It added that the scheme for facilitating start-ups” intellectual property protection, launched for encouraging innovation and creativity of start-ups, has now been extended up to March 2023.

Till November this fiscal, nine patents were granted to start-ups out of 1,262 applications. In 2019-20, 106 patents were granted.

Further, the DPIIT said that quality control orders (QCOs) for 100 products like air conditioner, toys, footwears, pressure cooker, and microwave oven, under BIS Act, 1986/2016 as well as 15 products under Indian Explosives Act, 1884 (gas cylinders, valves and regulators) have been issued.

Technical regulations/QCOs are issued by the DPIIT for industries falling under its domain to provide safe reliable quality goods, minimizing health hazards to consumers, promoting exports, promoting import substitutes and restricting imports of sub-standard products.

“71 HSN Codes as identified by the Department of Commerce based on import surge have been examined by DPIIT. Out of which QCOs notified for 22; additional 13 are under consideration; on the rest 36, QCO not feasible,” it added.

In trade parlance, every product is categorised under an HSN code (Harmonised System of Nomenclature). It helps in systematic classification of goods across the globe. PTI