Residents from three villages in Arunachal Pradesh came together to renovate and repair the iconic 15th-century iron bridge, the Chagzam bridge in Mukto Village on Sunday.

Led by village headmen and residents of Mukto, Gomkeling and Mirba villages of Tawang district, the villagers carried out maintenance and restoration of the Chagzam bridge, restoring its original look by laying bamboo matting over the bridge envisaging the historical significance of the 15th century-old iron bridge.

The bridge was built by Lama Chagzam Wangpo who lived from 1385 to 1464 AD. He was an architect and a philosopher who is credited to have built more than one hundred iron bridges all over the Himalayan region.

During 1420-1430, he built the bridge over the Tawang Chu river to make a passage through Kitpi and Mukto. The bridge exemplifying fine metallurgy is about 25 km away from the town.