After facing defeat in the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) floor test on Thursday, Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) will approach court again, said BPF president and former BTC chief Hagrama Mohilary.

Mohilary alleged that protem speaker of the BTC had violated the guidelines set by the Gauhati High Court.

“We had demanded secret ballot for the floor test. But our demand was not met. Protem speaker did not work according to the guidelines. The high court guidelines were violated since the beginning. We will definitely challenge it legally,” Mohilary said.

The alliance comprising Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) and Gana Suraksha Party (GSP) won the ‘composite floor test’ ordered by Gauhati High Court following a petition filed by Hagrama Mohilary.

The alliance led by UPPL president Pramod Boro got the support of 22 members. With this majority, Pramod Bodo will lead the BTC as its Chief Executive Member (CEM).

After the victory, Pramod Pramod condemned the ruckus created by the members of the Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) at the house. He termed their behaviors as undemocratic.

“The UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance will work for the peace and prosperity of the BTR (Bodoland Territorial Region),” said Boro.

In the petition, BPF chief and three-time CEM of BTC Hagrama Mohilary alleged that the election of the CEM was done by violating Constitutional provisions and the entire process of election of members was in violation of the Election Rules of 2004. Mohilary and six other members of BPF have challenged the validity of the appointments of CEM and the members.

In the 40-member BTC, BJP, UPPL, and GSP have altogether 22 members – nine from BJP, 12 from UPPL, and one from GSP. The lone member from Congress and one from BPF had later defected to the BJP

The BPF, which is a constituent of Assam’s BJP-headed coalition government, ruled the BTC for 17 years ever since its creation in 2003 as a political solution to the Bodo agitation for a separate state.