The Indian National Congress managed to win just one seat in the recently-held Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) elections. The results for the 40 seats were announced on December 12, where Congress won the Srirampur seat.

Congress MCLA, Sajal Kumar Sinha joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday, two days after his win.

Addressing a press meet at Hotel Lily in Guwahati, senior BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma announced the joining of Sajal Sinha into BJP. “It’s natural for rivers to flow into the ocean. The BJP is a big ocean and smaller parties merge into it. You will soon come to know that more will join BJP in the coming days. I have been receiving calls from Congress people wanting to join the BJP. There is no surprise in it,” said Sarma.

Sajal Sinha said that he took the decision to join BJP after a discussion with his supporters. Being a lone MCLA won’t help him do much for his constituency and would be a waste of mandate.

“The results have shown that people have not voted for Congress. They have voted for change. I have been working for a long time in this constituency. I have won due to the support of all the communities. If some are unhappy with my decision they will be happy after I will bring development within one year,” said Sinha.

Himanta Biswa Sarma also stated that Sajal Sinha has joined BJP without any condition and was like a brother to him from Congress days.

“Sajal Sinha is like a brother to me. He has joined BJP after thinking about the people of his constituency that needs development. From today, he will work for the BJP in Srirampur,” said the BJP topgun.

The oath-taking ceremony of the council will take place in Kokrajhar on Tuesday.