A turtle belonging to an endangered species has been rescued from being sold in a local fish market in Assam on Monday.

Dr Sarbani Giri, Head of the Department of Life Science and Bioinformatics at Assam University in Silchar is winning hearts for rescuing a rare Indian Peacock softshell turtle (Nilssonia hurum) from being sold in the local fish market.

As per Cachar Forest Division, Dr Giri had gone to the local fish market to buy fish and noticed a man putting up an endangered turtle, which was alive, for sale. Seeing this, she stopped him from doing so and immediately offered to buy it for Rs. 4000.
Dr Giri then brought the turtle back to her home and called up the Cachar Forest Division in Silchar to take the turtle someplace safe and release it back into its natural habitat.

Meanwhile, the Forest Department has also decided to team up with Fisheries Department to create awareness among the fisherman about the turtle, so as to prevent further such incidents in the future.

It may be mentioned that the Indian peacock softshell turtle is a species of turtles found in South Asia and is listed on the IUCN Red List among vulnerable species.