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Nagaland has recorded the highest voting percentage at 58.18 per cent till 11 am, while Uttar Pradesh (18.49 per cent) the lowest among the 10 states in which by-polls are being held on Tuesday.

Polling in Nagaland is being held on the Pungro Kiphire (63.57 per cent) and Southern Angami-I (47.30 per cent) Assembly seats. Meanwhile, in UP while Naugawan Sadat recorded the highest percentage of 23.41 in the state, the Ghatampur seat saw a meagre 14.76 per cent turnout today.

28 seats in Madhya Pradesh, 8 in Gujarat, 7 in Uttar Pradesh, 2 each in Odisha, Nagaland, Karnataka and Jharkhand, and one seat each in Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Haryana going to polls today.

Voting will be held from 7 am to 6 pm, except in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Nagaland where the timings are different. Voters who are COVID-19 positive will be allowed to vote separately in the last hour.

While the polling percentage in Madhya Pradesh is at 26.54 per cent, the highest voter turnout in the state has been witnessed in the Mandsour district (35.38 per cent) while the lowest is in Khandwa (18.37 per cent), as per the data provided by the Election Commission’s Voter Turnout app.

The poll percentage in Odisha is at 26.24 per cent, Telangana 34.33 per cent, Jharkhand 30.37 per cent, Karnataka 17.36 per cent, Haryana, 19.50 per cent, Gujarat 22.41 per cent, and Chhattisgarh 21.50 per cent as of 11 am.

Further, alongside the by-polls in 10 states today, polling for phase two of the Bihar elections is also underway.

As per the data available, till 11 am, 19.30 per cent voter turnout has been recorded in Bihar. Muzaffarpur district has recorded the highest 26.52 per cent voter turnout while Siwan at 15.38 per cent is at the lowest.

The counting for the Bihar polls and by-polls will be conducted on November 10. (ANI)