About 1,000 cases of Arunachali liquor have been seized by the Assam Excise Department from a truck in Bihpuria of Lakhimpur district.

The driver of the truck has been arrested and sent to judicial custody.

On Friday, the truck was detained doubting the authenticity of documents by the circle inspector of Harmoti.

“Around 12.20 am on Friday, a truck loaded with Arunachali liquor was detained on the suspicion of authenticity of the required documents. After searching, about 1,000 cases of beer were found in the truck,” said Shailendra Pandey, Public Relations Officer of the Assam Minister of Excise.

“The truck, along with the illegal beer, has been seized and the driver arrested. He appeared before the Chief Judicial Magistrate who sent him to judicial custody,” Pandey added. (ANI)