Active COVID-19 cases have been below 10 lakh for the last two weeks while the recovery rate of India is 84 per cent, Rajesh Bhushan, Secretary, Union Health Ministry said on Tuesday.

Addressing media persons at a briefing here Bhushan said, “Recovered cases have crossed 56 lakh mark which is the highest in the world. Active cases are below 10 lakh for the last two weeks and the recovery rate is 84 per cent. Over 8 crore tests have been conducted and approximately 80 lakh tests were done in last week.”

Bhushan said average daily positivity rate has been coming down while new recoveries have been more than new cases in recent days.

“The average daily COVID-19 positivity rate has been coming down. Between September 2 and 8 it was 8.28 per cent and later it came down to 6.82 per cent between September 30 and October 6. New recoveries have been more than new cases in the recent days. The highest recovery was reported on September 26 when over 93,000 patients were cured. The highest new cases were recorded on September 27 when 88,000 people were tested positive,” Bhushan said.

He said that in 10 states, 77 per cent of the active cases are concentrated out of which three states account for 50 per cent active cases.

“10 states including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh account for 77 per cent of the active cases in the country out of which Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala account 50 per cent active cases,” he said.

The union health secretary said that 48 per cent of Covid-related deaths were reported from 25 districts in the country. Out of 25 districts, 15 districts are from Maharashtra. Health Ministry is in talks with these states to control the Covid deaths. The target is to bring fatality below 1 per cent.

Presenting trend analysis of cases in 10 states with highest case load, Bhushan said, “It is too early to take a call on the trend of active Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra, whether it is stabilising or not, we need to observe for more time.” (ANI)