The Working Committee of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPG) on Wednesday extended an invitation to the breakaway NSCN-K faction headed by Nyemlang Konyak to join them in the ongoing peace process with the Govt of India as an ‘equal partner.’

In a communication addressed to Nyemlang Konyak, chairman of new the NSCN-K group, the Convenor of the NNPG Working Committee Kitovi Zhimomi said they are glad to welcome the group to join them in finding a negotiated settlement of the Naga problem.

The NNPG Working Committee, which represents seven Naga rebel groups currently engaged in peace talks, said it was pained at the recent rift within the NSCN-K in the Naga areas in Myanmar.

Significantly, Zhimomi said in his letter that the Govt of India and the NNPG Working Committee signed a document with the Govt titled ‘Agreed position and Preamble ‘ in November 2017 where New Delhi agreed to let the Nagas determine their future based on their political and historical rights and their distinct identity.

In his letter, Zhimomi also said the ongoing negotiations also involve the interest of Nagas in Myanmar in areas such as cross-border movement and so on.

Zhimomi hoped Yung Aung, who heads one NSCN-K faction in Myanmar, would move forward with understanding and rational moves.