Amid grim COVID-19 situation in the state of Manipur, the seven day lockdown is being strictly implemented including its capital Imphal with police taking to the streets fining violators.

With cases of local spread reported from several areas, people too are refraining from going out. Besides, members of local clubs have also sealed their respective areas restricting entry and exit of people.

Health workers were also seen spraying disinfectants in parts of Imphal, as announcements were made asking people to stay indoors.

It may be mentioned that of the 51 COVID-19 cases detected in the state yesterday, 24 people had no travel history with as many as 18 from Thoubal, parts of which are now considered as high-risk zone.

As per reports, over 100 people with no travel history had tested positive last week prompting the authorities to enforce strict lockdown. However, the state health department is yet to come up with an official data on the exact number of people who tested positive without a travel history and whether there is indeed a community spread in Manipur.

As many as 40 containment zones have been declared in the valley districts of Manipur including Imphal East, West and Thoubal.

Among the valley districts, Imphal West reported the highest 275 positive cases and 13 locations have been officially declared containment zones. This includes, residential area of Health Minister Y Jayentakumar, after 3 of his family member tested covid 19 positive.

Random testing is also being carried out in the vicinity of the Manipur Health Minister’s residence for those living within 50 metres area.

Till July 27, a total of 80,055 samples have been tested, out of which 2,286 were reported positive. On a daily basis, in between about 1600 to 2000 samples are being tested at 7 different VRDL Centers in the state.

Meanwhile, 51 more people tested positive on Monday. On the other hand, 38 patients were discharged from hospital after they recovered from COVID-19 in the last 24-hours, taking the total number of recovered people to 1,559.


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