The Assam government has given strong indications that total lockdown may be imposed in Guwahati in view of the massive spike in COVID-19 cases after hundreds of individuals have tested positive without travel history.

This was disclosed by Minister of State for Health Pijush Hazarika. The Minister expressed concern over the fact that the new cases have been detected from different areas of the city, including various government offices and shopping malls.

“The situation of Guwahati is critical now. I request people to stop visiting Guwahati for a few days and people of Guwahati should stay at home. People don’t follow rules, so the number of community-spread cases in Guwahati is increasing day by day. I request people to follow lockdown rules properly. I have come to know that cases have been detected in PWD chief engineers’ office, banks, malls and other places of Guwahati. This is the first stage of community spread,” said Hazarika.

The Health Minister added that many sectors will incur loss if total lockdown is reimposed in Guwahati.

“People can be seen without masks and not following social distancing. People don’t follow protocols. Majority of the cases have been detected in 11 areas of the city so these particular locations have been put under locked down. If this spreads to other areas, lockdown will be reimposed in the entire city,” said Hazarika.

Strict action will be taken against those who don’t follow rules. As of now, Guwahati is the most affected in comparison to other places in the state.