The persistent fear of community transmission over COVID-19 in Guwahati has escalated to a new high after 5 members of the same family have tested positive for COVID-19 at Joymati Nagar in Pandu area.

At First, Manik Paul, a vegetable seller had tested positive for COVID-19. Following that four other members of his family also tested positive.

“Manik Paul used to sell clothes at fancy Bazaar. After lockdown, he started selling vegetables in our area. All the family members of Paul tested COVID-19 positive,” said a local resident.

This area has turned into a hotspot as 6 COVID-19 cases have been detected in the area.

According to reports, another person from the same area has been found COVID-19 positive. He also came into contact with Manik.

It has been suspected that many people might have come into contact with the vegetable vendor, as one of the Covid positive members of the family was selling vegetables in different parts of the area few days back.


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