The flood scenario in Assam continues to be grim with water level in Brahmaputra rising by the hour. Several parts of the state are reeling under heavy floods, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

From Goalpara to Kamrup (R), several districts in the state are at the receiving end.

Assam flood 2

The overflowing waters of the Jinjiram river has led to the flooding of nearby areas in Goalpara district. The continuous huge inflow of water from the neighbouring hills of Meghalaya has further aggravated the situation.

The raging waters of the Dudhnoi river have damaged two embankments resulting in several villages getting submerged. Several villages in Mujkuri and Bamunpara areas have also submerged.

Assam flood 5

Floods have also taken a toll on Nalbari district, with raging waters of the Buradiya river severely damaging an embankment in Dharmapur constituency.

Several areas in western Nalbari have submerged. The locals allege that since no work was done for repairing the embankment, the area is now facing the fury of early floods. With several villages being submerged, no help from the authorities for the affected people so far has been received.

Meanwhile, the Tihu area in Nalbari district is also reeling under heavy floods. Raging waters of the Kaldiya river have eroded the embankment and submerged several villages in the area of Sorukhetri.

Assam flood 3

The road linking Kawoimari and Balapara also got washed away breaking down communications in the region and leaving several people stranded.

Excessive erosion have resulted to loss of life and property of over 65 families in Rongmola village in Dibrugarh district’s Chabua.

As devastating floods have inundated the villages, people were found taking shelter near Dibru river bank. The situation has taken a frightening turn since last night as huge patches of land were eroded at a rapid rate, thus causing hue and cry among the villagers.

Assam flood 4

Meanwhile, early floods this year have brought in innumerable woes for the cultivators. Farmers are staring at a huge crisis as most farmlands in Kamrup (R) district’s Nagarbera region have been devastated by the floods.