The government of Nagaland is working on a standard operating procedure to make arrangements for the stranded people who would be arriving from across the country.

The state government is making sure that required quarantine and other protocols are put in place before the arrival of the stranded into the state.

This was done as a result of the Centre’s decision to resume special passenger trains on May 11, which threw the state’s plan of bringing back the stranded in a staggered manner out of the window.

Meanwhile, several civil societies, tribal hohos and NGOs have appealed to the stranded citizens not to come back at this juncture unless it is unavoidable.

The state government appreciated them, given the fact that states bringing in stranded people from affected parts of the country have resulted in the increase of COVID-19 positive cases.

The state government, therefore, has decided to give first priority to stranded senior citizens and patients who had gone out for medical treatment along with those facing repatriation to the state.

The government has also decided to give Rs 10,000 to those citizens of Nagaland who are presently staying outside and opt to stay back.

The state has not reported any case of COVID-19 so far and the samples are sent for testing to facilities in Assam and Manipur.