Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the fourth phase of the nationwide COVID-19 induced lockdown would be in “new form with new rules.”

“Scientists say that COVID-19 will be a part of our lives for a very long time. But we can’t let our lives remain confined around COVID-19. We will wear masks and maintain social distancing but we will not let it affect us. So, lockdown four will be in a new form with new rules,” Prime Minister Modi said while addressing the nation.

“Based on the suggestions by States, information related to lockdown four will be given to you before May 18. We will fight COVID-19. We will move forward,” he added.

The Prime Minister on Monday held a video conference meeting with Chief Ministers of all states to discuss the road ahead in India’s fight against COVID-19 and noted that he was of the firm view that measures needed during the third phase of lockdown will not be needed in the fourth phase.

The phase three of the lockdown is coming to an end on May 17.