The state governments in the Northeast have opened helpline facilities for all the state residents who are stranded in various parts of the region and the nation amid lockdown.

Helpline numbers and registration links have been provided for the residents who are stranded outside the state.


The Meghalaya government has issued helpline numbers for state residents who are stranded outside the state.

The helpline numbers are – 8258811914, 7005728463, 8794064688, 9089171167, 8974282912, 89740819814, 8575342904 & 9485103194.

Registration can be done from 9 am to 8 pm. Online registration can be done at –


The Nagaland government too has launched an online portal for the stranded state residents. Registrations can be done online at –,

The helpline numbers are – 0370-2270033 & 0370-2270010.


The Sikkim government has launched online portals for movement of stranded state residents – and

The following helpline numbers have been launched – 03592-201145, 03592-202461, 62957-56071, 62972-98807 & 62957-28492.


The Arunachal Pradesh government has also opened helpline numbers for its state residents who are stranded in different parts of the nation.

The helpline numbers are – +91-360-2292774/2292775/2292777.

Meanwhile, the government has also provided toll free numbers – 104/1075 (Toll Free).


Mizoram also opened helpline numbers for the stranded people.

The helpline numbers are – 0389-2323336, 0389-2322336 & 0389-2318336.


Tripura has also opened helpline nos. for its stranded state residents.

The helpline numbers are – 0381-231-5879 & 0381-232-3945.