The News Broadcasters Federation or the NBF has reached out to the advertising fraternity seeking assistance in the fight against COVID-19.

This comes just days after seeking Government’s intervention to overcome the larger impact on economy, society, finance and trade due to Coronavirus outbreak and the nationwide lockdown.

The NBF has stated that news broadcasters are doing public service, and hence need the help of the entire advertising fraternity.

In a statement issued, NBF pointed out, “This is an extraordinary time for the country, and the news broadcasters are leading the battle against COVID-19 from the front. News Television has emerged as the single greatest source of news and information at a critical time of the lockdown.

Besides the news on the latest figures of corona infected and the degree of spread of the pandemic, news channels have put hundreds of experts, doctors, public health experts, civil and police personnel, and government officials on air in a massive effort to disseminate the right information and counter the barrage of fake news.”

President of the News Broadcasters Federation Arnab Goswami said that “At a time when other media can scale down resources and expenses, news broadcasters are scaling up their effort, and going all out to scale up their resources on the ground.