India woke up on Wednesday morning to a state of nationwide lockdown as the country upped its ante against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In an unprecedented move, Prime Minister Naredra Modi yesterday announced a nationwide lockdown for a period of 21 days, which came into force from midnight.

PM Modi significantly pointed out that a lockdown in this case was almost like a curfew and everyone should without fail stay indoors. This he said was necessary to save precious lives.

Meanwhile, on the first day of the nationwide lockdown, violators had to face police action as they defied the appeals made by the government to remain indoors.

The entire Northeast is also observing complete lockdown. The streets in Guwahati wore a deserted look with civilians remaining indoors. However, emergency services are operational.

Ghy streets

Manipur capital Imphal also wore a deserted look in the wake of the nationwide lockdown.

Manipur streets

Despite repeated appeals from the government to remain indoors to cut the transmission of coronavirus, violators faced police action from different parts of the Northeast.

Kohima streets

Authorities in Shillong also enforced the lockdown effective across the country till April 14. Police were on the job questioning anyone seen violating the lockdown.

Lockdown violators

As people continue to defy the lockdown, violators in different parts of Assam also faced police action.

Lockdown violators 3

Police acted tough against the violators who ventured out to the streets or keep shops and business establishments (which are not exempted from lockdown) open in different parts of the state defying the preventive measures against Coronavirus.