The Opposition Congress in Meghalaya is all set to raise the issue of misinformation about Khasis and Meghalaya in a textbook of Indian School Certificate in the ensuing budget session of the assembly.

Reacting strongly, Congress MLA George Lyngdoh said that the content is an ignorance of the Centre as well as other agencies to promote local knowledge and personality from the state and region.

ISC should engage writers from the state itself while writing about the local communities, Lyngdoh added.

Meanwhile, Congress MLA Kimfa Marbaniang said that the State Government should take up the matter with Union Government.Authored by Manjir Ghosh, the content on Meghalaya states that that Khasih (Khasi) tribe is the inhabitant of Jaintia Hills district of Assam.

Furthermore, the textbook also states that sometimes polyandry,that is marriage between one woman and several men may take place among the ‘Khashi’