The Meghalaya Cabinet on Thursday approved the amendment to the Meghalaya Resident Safety and Security Amendment (MRSSA) Bill 2020 which will be placed in the Budget session of the State Assembly starting Friday.

Talking to newsmen, MDA spokesperson, James Sangma said that the bill has been there for discussion since a long time and has been brought for consideration. Views of the law department were also placed and the law department has vetted it, Sangma added.

Elaborating further, Sangma said that this bill is to enhance vetting of tenants and ensure safety and security of the people by preventing anti social elements from gaining shelter into the state which might be detrimental to peace and tranquility of the state.

Talking about the amendments, Sangma said that in the preamble the words tenants appearing in between the words regulate and residing shall be substituted by words entry of persons to Meghalaya and also to regulate the entry of tenants or any other person’s or places shall be inserted between the word houses and in the state.