A 50-year-old from Assam’s Badarpur town has been released on bail today after spending over a year at a detention camp in Silchar for being tagged as a D-voter.

50-year-old Joydeep Ghosh was sent to a detention camp by government officials for being a D-voter even when the rest of his family members are no longer in the D-voters’ list.

Dipak Ghosh, the younger brother of Joydeep Ghosh took a dig at the government machinery alleging the failure of government officials in identifying foreigners from genuine Indians.

He also slammed the lawyer that they had appointed, saying that the lawyer allegedly charged them huge amounts of money but failed to fight the case effectively.

It may be mentioned that the Gauhati High Court had ordered the release of Joydeep Ghosh on bail on the 3rd of March, but he ended up staying at the detention camp for 2 more days owing to the negligence of Border SP of Karimganj. Another hearing at the high court is due after 60 days on the matter.