Amidst all the speculation of formation of a new political party, former Assam Chief Minister and veteran Congress leader Tarun Gogoi has proposed the name of Zubeen Garg for the coming Rajya Sabha Election in Assam to be held on 26th March.

On being told about Tarun Gogoi’s offer, Zubeen said that he has not rejected the proposal and he is still in a dilemma about the whole development. Though Zubeen is against joining a political party but for Rajya Sabha he displayed a different approach.

Talking to the media Zubeen said, “I have no interest in politics but Rajya Sabha is different. Well-known faces are sent to Rajya Sabha from different states. Let me about think about it. Right now, I can’t comment on anything regarding this.”

Zubeen added, “Earlier, too, people have proposed my name but I have not taken that seriously. But Gogoi sir loves me and if he has said something like that I need to discuss it with him.”

(News Live)