The Meghalaya government on Tuesday maintained that there is no question of interfering with the current affairs of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council as the State government has not issued any notification and there is no Chief Executive Member right now.

Reacting to the allegation levelled by expelled NPP MDC and KHADC Chairman that the State Government is meddling with the affairs of the KHADC, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said that the State government is not interfering in their business as the State government has not issued any notification.

After the UDP-NPP led United Democratic Alliance executive committee was toppled in the KHADC a silent discomfort stirs between the state government, the Governor and the KHADC with the Governor rejecting the State government’s recommendation to impose administrators rule in the council and also stating that he has decided not to allow the State government to meddle with the affairs of the council.

Meanwhile, on the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security Act ordinance, the Chief Minister said that they are awaiting the assent of the State governor Tathagata Roy.

He allayed the fears that the bill will cause any discomfort to tourists visiting the state by stating that the tourists now register in hotels on arrival and the state government is providing them an option to register it online which in turn is a positive step for the safety of of the visiting tourists and the indigenous lot.

It may be mentioned that the Governor had earlier stated that the bill can have many ramification and needs to be examine properly for which he might seek legal opinions.