Bru refugees residing in the refugee camps in Tripura are staring at a starvation like scenario with the Tripura state government stopping the supply of rations to the camps since November 30.

Many of the Bru refugees who are residing in the Tripura camps have stayed back after rejecting the current repatriation process that has been offered by the Mizoram government.

Bruno Mesha, secretary of the Mizoram Bru Displaced People’s Forum, said that people residing in the camps are staring at a starvation like scenario with food ration depleting with each passing day.

Talking exclusively to Northeast Live, Mesha said that they had written a letter to the Special Secretary of Internal Affairs of the Union Home Ministry on November 25 urging for the continuation of the food ration in the Bru refugee camps of Tripura. However, no reply ever came from there.

It is to be noted that Bru refugees had gone on large-scale protests over the repatriation process and the scheduled cutting off of ration to the refugee camps by October end. While the Tripura state government agreed to extend it by a month, that particular period has now ended and the ration supply has stopped since then.