The National People’s Party which is leading the MDA coalition and was also a part of the coalition that led the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council or KHADC until recently, expelled party MDC, PN Syiem for alleged anti-party activities.

The decision was taken by the disciplinary committee of the NPP following a week-long drama in the KHADC that led to the fall of the NPP-UDP coalition executive committee and the rise of the Congress, two NPP and independents as the new executive member with independent MDC, Laitplang Kharkongor as the new Chief Executive Member.

Syiem’s decision to vote against the ruling executive committee during the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition Congress led to the fall of the executive committee.

Talking to North East Live over the phone, NPP State president, WR Kharlukhi said that KHADC chairman Syiem has back-stabbed the NPP.

Meanwhile, KHADC Chairman and expelled NPP MDC, PN Syiem said that he only listened to his conscience and the sentiments of the public. Syiem alleged that the last Executive Committee was not functioning properly keeping the people’s aspirations in mind.

He further said that the decision of the NPP to expel him from the party was a hurried one and the party should have rather issued him a show cause notice first.

The ruling side had a total number of 18 MDCs in the council while the opposition had 10 MDCs – 9 from Congress and 1 Independent. The effective strength of the House has been reduced to 29 following the death of Langrin UDP MDC Nassar Marwein last month.

There was a cross voting by 4 MDCs – two from NPP, one PDF and another Independent from the ruling side while the opposition remained intact. The Chairman of KHADC, PN Syiem, voted against the alliance after the ruling and the Opposition were tied at 14 each.

Meanwhile, the Meghalaya Governor has rejected the state government’s recommendation for administrative rule in the KHADC and has directed the state government to notify independent MDC, Laitplang Kharkongor as the new CEM of the KHADC.