The COCOMI which has been spearheading the protests on the Naga issue, may call off its boycott of the Sangai Festival, after getting an appointment from Union Home Minister Amit Shah for an informal discussion.

However, suspense continues on whether the COCOMI will call off the boycott as there has been no official communication on the same so far.

Earlier, a release issued by the Chief Minister’s office said that Union Home Minister Amit Shah will meet the CSO leaders at 10 pm tomorrow.

In view of the development, the chief minister’s office had appealed the COCOMI to withdraw its boycott of the Sangai Festival.

The COCOMI leaders held a marathon meet in IMphal that lasted till evening, however there has been no release issued so far on calling off of the boycott of Sangai Fest.

Significantly, leaders of the MANOAC or Manipur People Against Citizenship Bill also took part in the meeting organised by COCOMI.