Assam government has decided to spend Rs 800 crore per year under the Arundhati scheme in which every bride of the state would be given one Tola gold free, state’s Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Wednesday.

“The Assam government, in our budget, has decided that we will give 1 Tola of gold to the bride if a marriage is solemnized and registered. For this, the state government is planning to spend Rs 800 crore per year under the Arundhati scheme,” the minister said in a press conference.

The BJP leader added, “Yesterday, the decision was approved by Assam cabinet. Now, the bride will get Rs. 30,000 from the state government to purchase gold. The aim of the scheme is to reduce child marriage as it will require the marriage to be registered to avail benefits of the scheme.”

“There are certain conditions like the bride should have passed matriculation and should be 18-years-old and the groom should be of at least 21-years-old. It is a part of our women empowerment policy so that in Assam, we can establish the correct age of marriage”, the minister added.

Adding that the scheme will be effective from February next year, Sarma said that the money would directly go to the account of the bride.