Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has said that the settlement of the Naga Political issue between the NNPGs and Government of India is vital for economic development of the state and an amicable solution will greatly impact the development of the Naga People as a whole.

Rio made this statement while attending a pre-Christmas programme of the Kohima District Planning and Development Board Day at Touphema village.

Speaking at the function, Rio further stated that the solution will pave the way for the Naga People to catch up with the rest of the country as well as the world.

Rio also stressed on the fact that peace has evaded the Naga people for a long time, right from the beginning of their history and the long standing conflict between the NNPGs and the Government of India, which is still yet to be resolved completely, has played a big role. He urged every Naga to pray and work towards an early and amicable solution to the Naga political issue so that the young and up-coming generation will be able to grow up in a peaceful environment and will be able to access all the opportunities available to them and develop to their fullest potential.

He further added that it was time for the Nagas to come forward and make use of all our available resources to ensure that the state develops economically at a rapid pace.

The Nagaland Chief Minister called upon all the officers to be ready to take up the challenge and work tirelessly towards uplifting the Naga people because once the Naga Political Issue is resolved, peace will prevail and there will be a great push for economic and developmental activities.