SSB personnel carried out a daring rescue operation when 30 Bhutanese pilgrims suffering from Acute mountain sickness were rescued at Bangajang near Sela Pass in Tawang district of frontier state Arunachal Pradesh.

The pilgrims who were provided medical assistance on 9th November by the 38th SSB regiment hail from the Tashigang district of Bhutan.

The Bhutanese-bred pilgrims were en route a pilgrimage visit to Bangajsng Gompa which is located approximately a kilometer away from the border outpost in Bangajang.

It is to be mentioned that there is no village or government establishment around 20 km radius of the area, except for SSB posts of Bangajang and Negortang.

The pilgrims among whom 3 were Bhutan-based Medical officers were given urgent medical attention in the Medical Inspection room of the border outpost.