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The Working Committee of the Naga National Political Groups or the NNPGs has appealed to all Naga groups to prepare themselves for “unconditional unity” ahead of the signing of the final accord.

The NNPG statement comes after NSCN (IM)’s recent appeal to different groups to get on board the Framework Agreement and be a part of the final solution. The NNPG said in its release that the NSCN urging Naga groups to join the NSCN (IM) under the Framework Agreement is a tragedy.

It asked whether the appeal of the NSCN-IM was intended to reach out to those groups which are not party to the ongoing peace process with the Government of India or the Working Committee of NNPGs.

The release said if the appeal was made to the Working Committee to come under the Framework Agreement, the NSCN (IM) leadership may consider why the agreement was and will remain an inferior political document now and in the future.

The release said no one, be it Working Committee of NNPGs or the NSCN (IM) should try to fool the Nagas as they have already understood the reality and added that high sounding rhetorical statements do not turn lies into truth.

Reminding that NNPGs stood for Naga unity without any condition, the committee said they will not set any condition to any individual or group.