Two dissident leaders from Manipur claiming to represent King Leishemba Sanajaoba has announced the launch of the Manipur Government in exile in London.

Yamben Biren and Narengbam Samarjit addressed a press conference in London claiming to be the Chief Minister of Manipur State Council and Minister of External Affairs of Manipur State Council. They claimed to speak on the behalf of the Maharaja of Manipur.

Notably, Narengbam Samarjit is the founder chairman of Salai Holding Private Company Limited in Imphal and also the president of North East India Development Party which he founded in 2015.

Meanwhile, the titular king of Manipur Leishemba Sanajaoba has rubbished claims that the duo had his sanctions to launch a Government in Exile in Manipur.

The Maharaja said he is shocked to hear the news and is not related at all to the developments.

The titular king added that a few months back the duo had come to him to get a letter signed on the pretext of collecting some documents and photographs of the royal family from London.

The development is worrying many in Manipur who had invested in Salai Holding Private Company Limited of which Narengbam Samarjit is the chairman.

Samarjit is also the president of the NEIDP which contested in last assembly elections in the state.

With Samarjit seeking asylum in London the most worried lot are the investors in Salai Holding Private Company Limited founded by Samarjit.