A major tragedy took place at Golakganj in Assam’s Dhubri district where three persons which included a husband-wife duo were electrocuted to death.

A live electric wire which was lying in the paddy field caused the death of Isap Ali, his wife Basa Bibi and their son-in-law Badshah Sheikh.

The incident happened at Ratiyadah on Thursday evening when Isap Ali first walked over the electric wire and was electrocuted to death. His wife and son-in-law, who tried to save him, too met their end when they came in touch with the live wire.

Irate locals, later took Isap Ali’s body and blocked the National Highway No. 31 blaming the electricity department for the incident.

The highway blockade went on till 10 in the night after which the Golakganj circle officer finally arrived there and brought the situation under control.