The Central Young Mizo Association President Vanlalruata said that the Mizo Society stand is still the same on the Bru repatriation and it is that the new demands of the Brus cannot be entertained.

Vanlalruata stated that if the Brus cannot accept the present package, they can stay anywhere in the country except Mizoram. He said that if the Brus are ready to accept the present package then they shall be repatriated back in Mizoram.

Bru refugees living in neighbouring Tripura had made fresh demands regarding their repatriation in Mizoram.

The refugees have asked for a rearrangement of 14 proposed resettlement villages in Mamit district and asked for one village in south Mizoram’s Lunglei district and six villages in Mamit instead.

They also demanded the re-identification of 1,218 families who did not turn up during the second phase of identification in July this year. They are demanding that the families rejected by the officials during the July re-identification as not being bona fide residents of Mizoram, should also be reconsidered and given the same rehabilitation package

The Centre has approved of Rs 350 crore for the ninth phase of repatriation that begins next month. The amount covers transportation and rehabilitation package expenses, which include Rs 5000 per month for each resettled Bru family in Mizoram and free ration for them for two years.

The Mizoram government has identified members of 4,447 Bru families lodged in the relief camps as bona fide residents of the state last month.

Vanlalruata, the All-NGO President, also said that the Mizo society shall hold protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill during the visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to Mizoram. He said that protestors would wear the Pawndum shawl, which is traditionally wore during funerals, as a mark of protest.

Home Minister Amit Shah is scheduled to visit Mizoram on October 5 as part of the efforts by BJP to reach out to the Northeast on the proposed Citizenship (Amendment)Bill.