Following the final publication of NRC in Assam where over 19 lakh people did not make it to the registry on August 31, the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) of Meghalaya urged the Director General of Police R Chandranathan to strengthen the Directorate of Infiltration to prevent illegal entry and settlement of foreign nationals in Meghalaya.

They further demanded to deploy more policemen in the entry and exit points of the state.

HYC President Robert Kharjarin said that the state does not have a mechanism in place to check illegal influx.

However, the state is vulnerable as those who were excluded from Assam who will eye other states, and Meghalaya being a state with no Inner Line Permit might be a safe haven for the illegal migrants of Assam.

Divulging details of their meeting, Kharjarin further said that the state has a Directorate of Infiltration whose job is to check verify and regulate the entry of a foreigner and they have demanded strengthening of the Infiltration Directorate and more police personnel’s must be posted along with special units and mobile units besides instructing the village defence party to be watchful and report immediately if anything suspicious is noticed.

Raising concerns that there are no proper check gates in Jaintia and West Khasi Hills excerpt one at Byrnihat in Ri-Bhoi, Kharjarin said that they want more of these check gates to be created. He also informed that the meeting was fruitful and the DGP had assured them of all help.