The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) organized a sit-in protest in Mizoram’s Chakma Autonomous District against the recently passed Chakma Autonomous District Council (Land & Revenues) Rules, 2019. The protesters burnt a copy of the bill and demanded its immediate scrapping.

The existing Executive Committee of CADC has recently passed the CADC (Land & Revenue) Rules, 2019 on August 21 during the Monsoon Session of CADC with 17 votes in favour and 7 votes in against the Rules.

Shri Durjyo Dhan Chakma, Executive Member of Land Revenue & Settlement of CADC has moved the Rules. All seven opposition BJP MDCs voted against it.

As per the BJP, the new rules passed are a big threat to the permanent residents of the Chakma Autonomous District Council. The party is seeing the new rules as a policy of the existing Executive Committee of the CADC to snatch away the lands of the common people.

Earlier, there was no Land lease and ceiling provision in the CADC Land Revenue & Settlement Act, 2002 under which the Autonomous Council’s lands are protected and acted as a safeguard to the Sixth Schedule areas of Autonomous Council.