Top NSCN (IM) leaders including General Secretary, Thiungaleng Muivah and Vice Chairman, Tongmeth Wangnao are back in Nagaland for a series of lengthy consultations on issues related to the Naga peace process, which the Centre says is in an advanced stage.

NSCN (IM) sources said that concerns are being raised within the group regarding the manner in which the Centre is handling the matter including appointment of R N Ravi, the former interlocutor as the governor.

Concerns come in the wake of Governor Ravi saying that government has set a timeline to resolve the Naga issue. Governor Ravi had on 16 August said that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has directed him to resolve the Naga issue within three months.

Reacting sharply to this, NSCN (IM) leaders said that there cannot be any deadline to solving the Naga issue.

According to sources, one of the leaders said that time is not the factor, the issue is. When the government could not arrive at a logical conclusion in over 20 years of talks, how can they all of a sudden jump or reach at a conclusion within a few days.

The leader also raised concerns about how acceptable and honourable the solution would be, the sources added.