The Rajya Sabha on Friday passed the contentious Anti-terror law bill.

With a total of 147 MP votes in favour of the bill and just 42 against it, the Unlawful Activities Prevention Amendment (UAPA) Bill 2019 got passed after hours of debate in the Parliament.

One of the contentious parts among the amendment is that it will allow the government to designate individuals suspected to have terror links as “terrorists”.

Nevertheless, before Rajya Sabha took up the matter for voting in the session, Union Home Minister Amit Shah clarified the oppositions that who raised voices against the bill that ‘no one’s human rights will be violated and four-stage scrutiny will be done’

Shah assured the opposition that the bill would never harass genuine social activists rather will demolish the Urban Maoists. He added that the government would fight terrorism in the country and should not matter which party is in power.

With the passing of the bill, Global terrorists Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed will be the first two to be banned as individuals in India after the Unlawful Activities Prevention Amendment Bill are notified by the government.