The flood scenario in Assam is showing signs of improvement. The death toll has now risen up to 87.

The flood waters throughout the state are receding prompting people in relief camps to return to their homes. As per the Assam State Disaster Management Authority, a population of over 16 lakh is being affected by floods in over 1,000 villages in 16 districts.

Presently, 522 relief camps are operational in nine districts. Also, 28 relief distribution centres are operating in five districts.

Eastern Assam’s Golaghat district faces heavy floods after recent heavy showers led to excess water flowing in from the neighbouring hills of Nagaland.

The flood water level at Kakdonga rose again resulting from this. The water level of the Ghiladhari and Makrang Rivers have also risen. The raging waters of the Kharjan river has submerged many hectares of farmlands.

Farmers in the region are worried that this second flood wave may adversely affect their farming prospects this year.