Tragedy looms large in Arunachal Pradesh as cases of river erosion have intensified in the state of late.

After the mighty river Siang washed away and eroded several acres of land and habitation in East Siang district of Arunachal, the Noa Dihing river, one of the turbulent rivers of the state, has created mayhem among the villagers.

Reports of heavy erosion of river banks in at least 5 villages have surfaced from Changlang district of the hill state. Vast tracts of land have come under the grip of erosion that brought in untold miseries upon the people living in these villages.

While many fertile lands have been abraded, some houses have already been washed away by the river. Panic-stricken, some villagers have migrated to safer locations while others are still in transit.

However, despite the pandemonium, there is no trace of any government official or MLA to take stock of the prevailing situation.